Those Who Served: Z

  • Zaichick Solomon
    Zaichick Solomon

    Pfc. Solomon C. Zaicheck
    Serial No. 36286663
    U. S. Army
    December 11, 1942 - October 19, 1944
    European Theater
    Killed in Action

    Since Sol did not come home, the family was unable to share his experiences. He died of wounds in Germany on October 19, 1944, and received the Purple Heart posthumously. While in England Sol attended Rosh Hashanah services and was honored with an aliyah. Many thoughts passed through his mind, his days at Cheder, his Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Israel, the pleasant observances of the Sabbath and holidays spent with his family (from a letter he wrote). His family wrote letters, sent packages and prayed for his return. Submitted by Ben Berger

  • Zaret Melvin
    Zaret Melvin

    Cpl. Melvin S. Zaret
    Serial No. 46024798
    U. S. Army
    1944 - 1946

    I was stationed at the U. S. Disciplinary Barracks in Milwaukee, a maximum-security prison for American soldiers convicted of major criminal offenses. I served as chief of Psychiatric Social Work and Rehabilitation. In that capacity, I developed a program for reintroducing soldiers into the armed forces after rehabilitation; created a nationally adopted system in reabsorption into civilian life of military offenders after parole. I was able to do pioneer work in the use of group therapy. During my service, I was asked to lecture soldiers about our enemies - Nazism and Fascism. I interpreted anti-Semitism and anti-democratic movements.

  • Zarne Robert
    Zarne Robert

    Cpl. Robert D. Zarne
    Serial No. 356562
    U. S. Marine Corps
    January 10, 1942 - January 17, 1946

  • Zembrosky Nathan
    Zembrosky Nathan

    Lt. Nathan Zembrosky
    Serial No. 01211193
    U. S. Army
    July 12, 1943 - January 17, 1946

    Nate was a rifle platoon leader in a rifle company. He also served as supply officer, mess officer and was in charge of athletic programs. Submitted by Shirley Zembrosky, wife

  • Zien Allen
    Zien Allen

    Capt. Allen S. Zien
    Serial No. 430714
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    1940 - 1945

    I was a flight and bombardier instructor in the Air Corps. Towards the end of the war, I was preparing to go overseas. Prior to departure, my navigator, Larry Levin, and I were scheduled for an 8-hour training flight. When we realized it was set for Yom Kippur, we asked to be excused to attend services. Permission was granted. The crew that took our flight was returning from the Pacific coast when they crashed near Boulder Dam. All of them were killed. I think of this incident so often - how fragile our lives are.

  • Zien Burt
    Zien Burt

    Capt. Bernard (Burt) Zien
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    1942 - 1946
    Pacific Theater

    I established radar interception techniques with fighter pilot squadron leaders to direct, by radar, visual interception of Japanese bombers en route to New Zealand and Australia. These efforts assisted U. S. pilots in returning to home base. Because of my legal studies at the University of Wisconsin, I was called upon to defend U. S. Air Force personnel in court martial cases. My three brothers, Al (bombardier), Ed (air craft mechanic), and Bob (naval ship repair officer), inspired our father to enlist in the sale of U. S. War Bonds in Milwaukee.

  • Zien Ed
    Zien Ed

    Sgt. Edward I. Zien
    Serial No. 11081607
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    June 24, 1942 - February 28, 1946
    Pacific Theater

    A memorable experience for me during my tour of duty was becoming a charter member of the reconstructed synagogue in Manila - the original building was destroyed by the Japanese. Also, I attended a Seder in Boggio, Philippine Island, Luzon. We ate without guns at our side. My family suffered the loss of Herbert Urich - my sister's husband.

  • Zien Robert
    Zien Robert

    Lt. (JG) E (L) Robert Zien
    Serial No. 352465
    U. S. Navy
    March 24, 1944 - March 1, 1946
    Pacific Theater

    I was an engineer, and in that capacity, I helped design the mechanical system for new airplanes and tanks. In the Navy, I supervised the repair of damaged ships.

  • Zipser Albert
    Zipser Albert

    Maj. Albert Zipser
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    1941 - 1945
    African Theater

    Al enlisted in the Air Force in 1941. He attended primary flying school in Oklahoma, then Randolph Field in Texas for basic flying training. After graduating from Victoria Field, Texas, he flew 86 combat missions over North Africa as a fighter pilot and earned the Air Medal and eight Oak Leaf Clusters, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart and the Presidential Unit Citation. Al attended command and general staff school and air staff officers' school. He taught Chinese fliers combat tactics before leaving the service to enter medical school. Submitted by Esther Zipser, wife