Those Who Served: V

  • Victor Robert
    Victor Robert

    S/Sgt. Robert E. Victor
    Serial No. 12155989
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    October 19, 1942 - September 20, 1945
    European Theater

    While on duty in Marrakech, Morocco, I saw a plane land with Winston Churchill aboard. Also arriving for the meeting was Charles DeGaulle on horseback with the French Foreign Legion. Later, while flying toward the British Isles, my group had a thirteen hour harrowing flight losing our way over the Iberian Peninsula with only five minutes of fuel remaining. My fifth mission was over Berlin, my 29th over Normandy. Walter Mathau who is Jewish, was on my ground echelon unit. While I was in London for some Jewish holidays, two men wearing yarmulkes who were with the Haganah approached me. They were trying to recruit men for the Jewish Legion in Palestine.