Those Who Served: T

  • Taglin Max
    Taglin Max

    Musician 1/c Max Taglin
    Serial No. 8685753
    U. S. Navy
    1943 - 1946

    While stationed at the naval air base, Corpus Christi, Texas, I contracted pneumonia. I was sent to the base hospital for treatment. While there, 30 men were brought in. All had gonorrhea. Penicillin (which we now know as the wonder drug) had just been discovered and was used solely in the armed forces. Civilians were not allowed its use. Thirty men with this disease received a total of 30 shots each - around the clock. They were cured in 30 hours and released. I remained in the hospital for one month, recovering from pneumonia. It was not until after the war that it was found that a shot of penicillin would have cured me in a short time. The whole episode took place soon after I played for the graduation ceremony for Tyrone Power who was elevated to lieutenant in the Marine Air Corps.

  • Taxman Harry
    Taxman Harry

    Henry Taxman
    U. S. Army
    1942 - 1945

    A unique occasion for Henry was participating in a Seder in 1944 in Dijon, France, served by Italian prisoners of war. Another Jewish experience was attending High Holiday services in a large stadium in Manila conducted by Rabbi Dudley Weinberg. Submitted by Rosemary Taxman

  • Tilton Aaron
    Tilton Aaron

    Aaron Tilton
    U. S. Army
    European Theater

    Aaron Tilton entered the Army in 1942. He was assigned to Gen. Eisenhower's overseas headquarters, where his job kept him in close contact with the intelligence services of Allied governments. Transferred to Gen. "Wild Bill" Donovan's Office of Strategic Services, he attended the trial of Marshal Petain. He was then ordered to obtain evidence that I. G. Farbenindustrie, worldwide German chemical combine, had actively cooperated with the Nazi government in promoting war. For his work in tracking down Dr. Karl von Krauch, chair of the I.G. Farben board of directors, and securing much of the evidence used against von Krauch and other key figures in their trial at Nuremberg, Aaron was recommended for the Legion of Merit and received the Army Commendation Ribbon.

    He was the author of "Manhunt in Heidelberg", a nationally published article based on his experiences working in "Project Safe-Haven."

    Submitted by Anita Tilton, wife

  • Tuchman Herman
    Tuchman Herman

    ETM 3/c Herman Tuchman
    Serial No. 2073883
    U. S. Navy
    1945 - 1946

    My most memorable experience was my first submarine dive out of Mare Island Naval Base aboard the USS Lizardfish #234.