Those Who Served

World War II Exhibition

As part of the 1995 commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Milwaukee Jewish Archives created an exhibition that highlighted participation of Milwaukee Jews in the war. The exhibit thanked those who served in the armed forces, and brought deserved attention to the important role played by Milwaukee Jews who served.

Hundreds of people viewed the exhibition throughout the summer of 1995. Among them were veterans' children and grandchildren who learned about the contributions made by their parents and grandparents to the war effort. Many people suggested that we preserve this extremely successful exhibit by creating a book that would contain the photos, narratives and other materials that were on display. We listened, and we produced the book We Were There - World War II: The Milwaukee Jewish Experience.

Following are photos and narratives from the exhibition and book. We hope this exhibit has as much meaning for you as for all of the people who submitted their precious memories. It was truly a labor of love on the part of the authors who wrote the stories for this special collection of Jewish remembrances.

If you would like to include pictures and stories from people not included, please submit your entries by mail to Jewish Museum Milwaukee, 1360 North Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202, or by email to

And if you would like to purchase a hard copy of the book for $10, please let us know.

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