Those Who Served: E

  • Edelstein George
    Edelstein George

    Cpl. George Edelstein
    Serial No. 16117709
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    November 24, 1942 - February 18, 1946

    The Jewish Welfare Board provided me with addresses of my relatives and friends in the various armed services. This greatly helped me keep a correspondence for the duration of the War. I received a kosher salami from the Jewish Welfare Board for Christmas in 1944.

  • Eisendrath Frank
    Eisendrath Frank

    F/O Frank Eisendrath
    Serial No. T6822
    U. S. Army Air Corps
    February 1943 - November 1945

    A memorable experience was an 8-hour flight that took three days. Flying over the Gulf of Mexico, all navigation equipment went out. We finally found Lake Charles, LA, and landed there. Between fog and other problems, it took us three days to get home. Thank God nobody was shooting at us! Kingman, Arizona, was a gunnery school base. Every Friday night after services, they had an "oneg" serving lots of goodies - best of all, kosher salami sandwiches on good Jewish rye bread. I met a few Milwaukee friends at Rosh Hashanah services in California.

  • Elkind Aaron
    Elkind Aaron

    1st Lt. A. Aaron Elkind
    U. S. Army
    1941 - 1945
    European Theater

    As a member of the 82nd Airborne and the paratroopers, Aaron led glider landings behind enemy lines in France and Italy.

  • Elkind Leonard
    Elkind Leonard

    1st Lt. Leonard Elkind
    U. S. Army
    Medical Corps

  • Elkon Ed
    Elkon Ed

    Maj. Edward B. Elkon
    Serial No. 01327724
    U. S. Army
    June 17, 1942 - April 3, 1946
    Pacific Theater

    I was a combat infantry officer in a rifle company. It was an experience one can never forget. A unique experience for me as a Jew was attending services, when possible, and bringing a Mormon friend who lost his life a month later. My parents were alone in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, while both my brother and I were in service for over four years. It certainly was not an easy time for them.

  • Elkon Elaine
    Elkon Elaine

    SK 3 Elaine Elkon
    Serial No. 7038200
    U. S. Navy - Waves
    December 1942 - February 1946

    The entire experience at Naval Air Station in Michigan was memorable. I met and lived with women from all walks of life. I believe that all young people should serve one year in the service to gain maturity and participate in an excellent learning experience. While at boot camp, I experienced my first Seder. We all "marched" to the mess hall. Once inside, it was lovely to discover that some of my shipmates were Jewish.

  • Engle Jerome
    Engle Jerome

    Capt. Jerome Engle
    Serial No. 02046963
    U. S. Army
    July 24, 1942 - March 7, 1946
    European Theater

    I went from England through Czechoslovakia. I participated in the invasion of Utah Beach and the Battle of the Bulge. Having experienced 342 combat days and helping empty a concentration camp, I saw too many dead people.