Those Who Served: D

  • Dannenberg Lester
    Dannenberg Lester

    1st Lt. Lester Dannenberg
    Serial No. 02047966
    U. S. Army
    Medical Corps

    Lt. Dannenberg received the Distinguished Service Cross "For extraordinary heroism in action at Luzon, Philippine Islands, on January 15, 1945. Lt. Dannenberg was in charge of an aid station group attempting to reach an infantry outpost where heavy casualties had been sustained. The advance of the rescue party had to be made through open fields and across two rivers exposed to hostile fire. The commander of the infantry battalion was wounded crossing the first river, Lt. Dannenberg followed close behind and directed his prompt removal to cover. Later when rifle and machine gun fire stopped the rescue party and split the company holding a road block, he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to administer first aid to the men in foxholes and to withdraw the wounded to safety. Though all personnel were warned not to cross a road covered by enemy machine guns, he crossed it repeatedly to reach the other half of the company, where he also rendered medical assistance. On his last trip a litter bearer accompanying him was wounded and Lt. Dannenberg, at the risk of his own life, remained in his exposed position and assisted the disabled man to cover. His complete disregard for his own safety, his courageous actions and outstanding gallantry above and beyond the call of duty are worthy of the highest traditions of the military service." Submitted by Herbert Wilk

  • Derzon David
    Derzon David

    F/O David Derzon
    Serial No. T 9409
    U. S. Army
    July 21, 1943 - March 6, 1946

    Located, identified and bombed assigned targets. Flew 10 combat missions for a total of 161 combat hours in a B-29 with the 20th AF. Had a total of 750 military flying hours in military aircraft.

  • Dubrin Lester
    Dubrin Lester

    Cpl. Lester Dubrin
    Serial No. 36275548
    U. S. Army
    October 16, 1942 - November 11, 1945
    European Theater