Those Who Served: A

  • Arbiture Jerry
    Arbiture Jerry

    Sgt. Jerry Arbiture
    Serial No. 36846289
    U.S. Army
    August 1944 - August 1945
    European Theater

    I served in the First Army that was sent to help capture the Ruhr pocket in which the Germans surrendered a whole army of 200,000 men. I was part of the first troops into Nuremburg and helped blow up the Nazi symbol; I also helped liberate 15,000 British and American prisoners. Before Passover 1945, my friend Goldberg came for Jewish soldiers to attend service. The squad leader said there were no Jews, until I put my rifle next to his nose and said, "Oh yes there is-me!" As I left, I said I would bring back matzos to the others. The Army had supplied a mountain of matzos, some of which I took to my squad who didn't eat them but used them for target practice.

  • Armour Irving H
    Armour Irving H

    2nd Lt. Irving H. Armour
    Serial No. 02079556
    U.S. Army Air Corps
    February 27, 1941 - December 26, 1945
    European Theater

  • Atkins Julius R
    Atkins Julius R

    Lt. Cmdr. Julius R. Atkins
    Serial No. 225843
    U.S. Navy
    December 7, 1942 - November 13, 1945
    Pacific Theater

    As a small boat officer, Julius was involved in many Pacific battles. He served aboard the APA (Assault Personnel Attack) troop carrier for beach landings. Julius was among the first Americans to land at Nagasaki, Japan after the atomic bomb destroyed the city. His ship was carrying occupation troops. He was also on the beach at Leyte, Philippines, the day the famous picture of General MacArthur walking ashore was taken. He had made several trips that morning with Marines in order to secure the beach.

  • Atlas Alex
    Atlas Alex

    S/Sgt. Alex Atlas
    Army Air Force
    1942 - 1945

    I worked as a Physical Training instructor at the air base in San Antonio, Texas. I also was trained at the non-commissioned officers' school for Physical Training Instructors at Miami Beach. My most memorable experience was marrying my wife, Jeanette Shapiro, while on furlough.

  • Atlas Sidney J
    Atlas Sidney J

    Sgt. Sidney J. Atlas
    Serial No. 16116848
    U.S. Army Air Corps
    April 1, 1943 - February 10, 1946
    European Theater

    While stationed in Blackpool, England, I experienced the direct unmanned rockets of the German Air Force. There was devastating damage to homes and schools. I remember a disabled American B17 returning from a mission, falling and hitting a school and killing children. While stationed in Germany shortly after the war ended, an incident occurred which remains with me to this date. A young boy, about 16 years old, approached me, asking for food. He wore a Jewish star and spoke Yiddish. I gave him food and brought him more the following day. He was alone and said he was looking for his parents. After meeting him several times, he asked me to take him back with me as a stow-a-way to the United States. I wished that I could, but this was not a realistic possibility. I have often wondered what happened to this young man. It was so hard saying goodbye to him. During a weekend pass to scenic northern England, my train laid over in the small town of Nelson. By chance one of the residents, a pharmacist, began talking to me. His was the only Jewish family in town, and he invited me to a Seder.