The Fresh Air Camp in Thiensville

If you were a child living near 10th and Walnut in the summer of 1926, you may have had the fortune to attend a camp out in the country on the Milwaukee River. You probably boarded a train or streetcar in downtown Milwaukee and made the trip to Thiensville. From there, you may have boarded a raft or climbed on a farmer’s hay wagon for the ride to camp.

Once you got to camp with your shopping bag containing toothbrush and underwear, you were weighed and measured and given a uniform. If you were a girl, you hoped the bloomers buttoned to the blouse somewhere near your waist.

During their time at camp, boys played sports and hiked, while girls concentrated on building domestic skills, swimming in the river and playing croquet.

These pictures were taken during a session at the Fresh Air Camp in 1926.

This house on the Milwaukee River was commonly called “The Home”. Children attending the camp were referred by the Jewish Social Service of the Abraham Lincoln House and the Municipal Health Clinic.

Girls attending the camp in 1926 received good food, learned good manners and thrived in the fresh air.

These girls are celebrating the Fourth of July. The building you see in the background is the dining room wing of the former Boder’s Restaurant.

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