Past Exhibitions

This exciting exhibit examined the Jewish influences in rock and roll and popular music through representational sampling of the countless singers, songwriters, musicians, concert promoters and record company executives who worked on stage and behind the scenes to build a musical foundation and rich legacy which continues to thrive today. This exhibit was created by Art Visions.
Programs included:
  • U-Rock Concert and Lecture Series with the Peck School of the Arts
  • Roots of Jewish Rock with Steve Palec
  • Jewish Entrepeneurship in Rock with Jonathan Pollack
  • School of Rock Family Concert
Jews Who Rock
Depicting noted individuals from various disciplines, these brightly-colored creations feature historical figures and renowned luminaries of Jewish culture. Warhol's large scale portraits allude to the grandiosity associated with fame while establishing an intimacy between subject and viewer.
Programs included:
  • Exploration of Warhol's Minyan with Professor James Yood
  • Printmaking Workshops
  • Lecture on Louis Brandeis with Professor J. Gordon Hylton.
Whether they continued to practice a trade from the Old Country or started from scratch in the New World, Jews made an impact on the business community in Milwaukee. Factors such as the Depression, World War II and the GI Bill affected the workforce and career paths. From the fruit and vegetable filled carts pushed down cobbled streets to major corporations, this exhibit will explore the nearly 170-year history of Milwaukee Jewish business and its diversity through moving stories, artifacts and oral histories. This exhibit was on display from September to December 2013.
Felix Lembersky's art (b. Lublin, Poland, 1913; d. Leningrad, 1970) takes the viewer on a journey through the Jewish experience in the Soviet Union. His canvases capture a complex world where life, faith, and the creative spirit persevere amid war and state-sponsored terror. Educated under both the Soviet avant-garde and the formative years of Socialist Realism, Lembersky realigned realist and modernist forms to create emotionally charged and thought-provoking imagery that served as a viable alternative to state-mandated art.
    Programs Included:
  • Members Opening and Reception with Yelena Lembersky
  • Fine Arts Quartet Concert
  • Soviet Art and Culture after Stalin with Professor Christine Harris
Collections provide insight into history, curiosities, experience, personal passions and values. The Jewish Museum Milwaukee showcased fine art, Judaica and memorabilia from local collectors. Many of the pieces on display will make their public debut in this exhibit. See hidden treasures from throughout the Jewish community revealed!
    Programs Included:
  • A Behind the Scenes Look at the Milwaukee Art Museum's Grete Marks Exhibition and Other Jewish Artists of the Bauhaus with curator, Mel Buchanan
  • Jewish Identity in the Arts with Professor Doug Rosenberg
  • Appraisers' Fair
Faced with anti-Semitism, Jewish immigrants created institutions to address employment, health care, education and recreation. This exhibit explored the ongoing legacies of Mount Sinai Hospital and Brynwood Country Club, organizations that affected the Jewish and greater community of Milwaukee.
    Programs Included:
  • The History of Mt. Sinai: The Merging and Changing of Hospital Policies and Practices
  • Back at Brynwood Community Reception
  • Immigration and Labor Unions in America with Professor Tony Micheals
  • Excluded or Excluder: Three-part discussion series
Tradition and Change - Symbolism and Celebration. The Jewish wedding has been a foundation of Judaic religion and culture since Biblical times. The act of uniting a bride and groom is considered a mitzvah, or good deed and demonstrates the commitment of two people to each other as well as to the Jewish people. While customs central to the wedding date back centuries, younger generations have created new traditions reflective of their lives.
    Programs Included:
  • Screening of Match & Marry
This exhibit explored the work of Arnold Newman through his Jewish subjects. He is considered to be the father of environmental photography. In his six decade career, he was able to capture people from diverse backgrounds and professions in their element.
    Programs Included:
  • "Facing the Camera: Photography and Portraiture"with curator, Lisa Hostetler
  • Landscape of the Lens and Beyond: Portrait Photography Mini Course
Through artistic and historical displays, the Jewish Museum Milwaukee presented the life and work of this Milwaukee hero. Come and learn this fascinating story of personal courage and the difference one individual can make by standing up in the face of adversity.
    Programs Included:
  • Lecture with Mildred Fish Harnack Biographer, Shareen Blair Brysac
  • Premier Screening of Wisconsin's Nazi Resistance: The Mildred Fish-Harnack Story
This exhibit is available to travel.
The exhibit included twenty-one etchings by Marc Chagall, on loan from the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University and displayed alongside the monumental Chagall tapestry which hangs in the Museum atrium.
    Programs Included:
  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Performance
  • Lecture series with Marquette Professor Diedre Dempsey and Haggerty curator Lynn Shumow
  • Print-making Workshop at RedLine Milwaukee
Growing Up Milwaukee: Camping
August - December 2010
Growing Up Milwaukee: Youth Groups
August - December 2009