Jewish Art & History Mission to New York City

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May 10-11, 2006

The Historical Society and Women's Division Jewish Awareness Group sponsored this special trip to New York May 10-11.

At the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Dianne Spector, Sue Strait, Neena Florsheim

Nancy Kellman & Wendy Saltzberg

At the Museum of Jewish Heritage: Judy Margolis, Kate Mann, Jo Mann, Janet and Don Greenebaum Patrick Gallagher, museum designer; Marianne Lubar, Dorothy Zucker

At the Center for Jewish History

Sam Norich, Executive Director, The Forward; Lloyd Levin, Diane Sobel

Marianne Lubar, Diane Sobel, Sheri Levin, Wendy Saltzberg, Sam Norich, Suzy Ettinger, Claire Fabric, Carol Pohl

Kate Mann & Rebecca Peltz

Judy Margolis & Kate Mann

Lloyd Levin, Suzy Ettinger, Evy Garfinkel

Sheri Levin, Wendy Saltzberg, Jeanne Jacobs

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