Special Posthumous Memorial to Avrum Chudnow

In early spring the Milwaukee Jewish Historical Society nominated Avrum Chudnow for the 2005 Governor’s Archival Advocacy Award. The award is given “for individuals who have given distinguished leadership or support for the improvement of Wisconsin’s historical records or archival programs.”

Mr. Chudnow was a staunch supporter of the Jewish Historical Society in many ways, but one of his latest and most far-sighted acts was to fund the hiring of a professional archivist which has resulted in a well-ordered, professional historical archive.

Unfortunately, Mr. Chudnow died shortly after his nomination was submitted. However, the judges of the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board selected Mr. Chudnow for a special posthumous memorial. Peter Gottlieb, State Archivist, presented the award to Dan Chudnow and Lois Infeld, children of Abe and Anita Chudnow, at the November 29th Milwaukee Jewish Federation Board Meeting.

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