Chagall Tapestry

The Chagall Tapestry was designed especially for the atrium of the Evan and Marion Helfaer Community Service Building, where the Jewish Museum Milwaukee is located. Marc Chagall designed this work of art in 1972, which was unveiled in 1973. It was the first tapestry by Chagall in the United States, and at that time, was one of ten Chagall tapestries in the world, including the three on display in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem.

Entitled “The Prophet Jeremiah,” the tapestry represents the history of the Jewish people and serves as a tribute to Israel’s Premier Golda Meir, who, like Chagall, was born in Russia. The tapestry depicts the suffering of the Jewish people while showing the joy and hope of a better future. To learn more about Marc Chagall and this special tapestry, visit the Jewish Museum Milwaukee.

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